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I am an architect, since 1984, having studied at the University of Buenos Aires.(FADU-UBA /Architecture).

Later I worked for various offices of Architects, and for companies of Design of Stands. My task was especially for Draftman Cartoonist & Architect of the office, Creativity sector.

Also perform general tasks of Architect, as Free Lance and independent, in Bs As.

I obtained several distinctions in Architectural Design Competitions in Argentina, as well as in several Competitions of Drawings by Architects.

I have studied several Digital Programs, trying to always be updated.

(Autocad, Revit, Sketchup + Vray, Rhinoceros & Grasshopper, 3Dstudio Max .... Adobe Photoshop, & Image Postproduction)

In Belgium, I have only tried to collaborate with Architecture offices, either as a Collaborator, Visualizer or Producer of Renders-3D, or collaborating in the Creativity sector, as technical regulations and special provisions present difficulties for a foreigner.

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1)If you want even more information, as well as a CV, more complete and detailed, please communicate via email, to receive the response to your request.

2)If you want to see the book of Architect's Drawings, online, or want to share one if necessary, please contact me to pass the online link of it in the Blurb.com Company.

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