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Aanvullende informatie

I studied in Buenos Aires, parallel to studies at the Architecture  University. 

The School of Arts of Buenos Aires, and then different Courses and Specializations, Workshops of Plastic Artists, such as Luis Wells,master argentine-artist-Painter.

....New Sculptural Techniques Workshops, and Last + 20 years, courses with various Digital Programs, 3D Printings,     Lasercut & Parametric forms.

I have made different orders for differents clients, such as "Sketchbooks" from different cities such as:

'Buenos Aires', Argentina


'Brugge' & 'Rumbeke'-Belgium.

In recent times I also collaborated with a Uruguayan Textile Company-"Marane"

, making Sketchs, about the Fauna & Flora of Uruguay, among other topics.

( Only with those books, there are more than 1000 drawings, and sketchs in total).

Finally I have been making more than 100 exhibitions since 1984, to date (between individuals and groups).

I was also part of the exhibiting Artists of the Cortazar Square, Bs As, between 2002 and 2007.

Last events:

Coquelles Watercolor Salon-France-2018

Coquelles Watercolor Salon-France-2016

Watercolors Salon of Namur-Belgium-2013

Buren bij Kunstenaars 2013-2016-2018 -......

Exhibition in Brussels -Houses of Latin America-2011.

*With traditional techniques, I have used and still use watercolors, acrylics, oils, and other media such as air-brushing, photography, and other mixed media.

Meer informatie over mijn Sketchbooks

Any of those books-sketchbooks, you can see them online, from the Site. (Note, many of them, remain in the final stage of completion, and are still expensive to acquire from that company, taking into account, other publishers of large outputs)

If you need a special link to see or buy, contact me, please

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